What every beginner should know about modern computers.

photo by https://unsplash.com/@albertosaure?photo=6g0KJWnBhxg

If you’re like me then you’re probably not that familiar with any of the computer terminology that your tech savvy friends use, but im about to change that.

modern computers contain the cpu, ram, hard drive,motherboards, usb slots, and peripherals.


This means the Central Processing Unit, When it comes to the  its essentially an electronic circuit inside a computer that will receive  messages ( instructions) from a  pre determined computer program , it then completes the instructions by performing mathematical functions and and arithmetic as well as logic functions. this is also known as input and output functions (i/o).

todays cpu’s are called processors and they come in micro processors as well, its like being on a single piece called a integrated circuit, anything called multi core proccessor means it has multiple cores


as best as i can describe it, its basically computer data storage that will take a programs instructions and read it and then speed up the process of accessing it, there are physical ways of doing this such as a cd disk, storage disk, but this is faster than the physical kind.

there are two forms of ram SRAM, and  DRAM . sram has six transistors and is faster but pricey to build, yet still generally faster than dram. now dram has a paring of capacitor and transistor, dram is the most common and least expensive of the two.



this is the actual physical data and it comes in the shape of a disk, its also randomly accessed by ram and non volatile which means that if the power were to shut off you would not lose the memory. think of the data as the digital part and the hard drive the tattoo, its essentially a digital tattoo.


the motherboard or back board is what a foundation is to a house, everything is physically planted on here from cpu, microprocessor to sound and video cards, this is where the actual circuitry is. this will look like a green board with silver components and gold circuitry.


it stand for universal serial bus and the idea was started and created by several tech companies over 10 years ago to jointly create standardized cables that would work for all pc’s ( mac likes to use its versions of lighting ports) every ethernet, hdmi, usb port located on the left and right of you laptop or in the front and back of your computer all use the usb system. for example for a wire external hard drive you will use a standard usb slot and cable which will connect to any laptop or computer.


just about anything that wasnt mentioned earlier is a peripheral device, they’re auxiliary to the actual computer and are the apparatus that you physically use to input information

for example, any controller of any sort, monitor, mouse, key board, tablet, smart phone can be considered peripheral to the computer.


here is a good link on standard safety guidlines https://www.firstmerit.com/about-us/security-center/computer-safety-guidelines/index.html

dont leave your computer unattended

dont download anything unfamiliar

change your passowrd often

use something else besides administrator account

dont leave a written not of the password around or in/on the computer

always turn it off when youre done

maintain an updated firewall,

dont look up questionable websites

update your software constantly.


PC wins, end of article. all jokes aside there are various differences and well dabble a little bit into both,

lets start with mac which uses the OS X  this system is aesthetically pleasing and doesnt look clustered at all, and that in itself can attract people who just want to get  on do very light  load software intensive work like using microsoft word or browsing the internet. now while mac and iphone which are both owned by apple pair very well and to some degree have cross compatibility and can seamlessly text people back on the mac from the iphone, the other manufacturers are getting past the learning curve and catching up.

mac doesnt have strong gaming capability and rarely has video cards, also to be able to run graphic software youll need to shell out at least two thousand dollars or more,  so get a pc

forget everything prior about macs unless you like wasting money or are a die hard fan, and instead take a look at pc.

it runs windows 10 software wich is the most widely used software, there are more pc users than there are mac users, it now has by far the best gaming capability of any software out there, programmers use pc, graphic artists use pc, it has superior customization which in turn translate to running multiple video cards, sound cards, processors.you have more choice when it comes to tablets and phones, laptops and desktops and a much better user friendly google icons.

there are other operating systems available for different applications and tools, such as

linux, dos, android, valve os, linux for example makes several sub softwares and the military uses them, if your phone or tablet isnt an apple product then chances are its running on android. dos is all but extinct save for a couple loyal followers, but at the time it did let users get very close to the hardware.



internal storage is found on the actual physical hardware, such as the rom, its on your tablets and phones and desktops. external is outside the physical device, such as a hard physical memory box or usb flash drive, cd roms are another form of external storage device. with the modernization of computers and digital devices, you can now store excess memory on to a cloud system, which is essentially a digital memory bank, a solid state drive (ssd) or solid state disk dont have a magnetic disk like a standard hardrive and can be accessed by ram as well, theyre quiet and faster and and have no mechanical parts yet still have a hefty price tag.


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